How Do I Change My Life?

Life can be hard. It can be confusing and at times… even seem pointless.

But… there is Hope. Success comes naturally when you’re in alignment with who you’re designed to be.
Thousands of readers have already begun fulfilling their life purpose and you can too!

If you’re at a place of new beginnings, you’re not alone. Life can serve up some difficult times… whether it’s a divorce, loss of work, loss of a loved-one, or any other major life challenge, picking yourself up and moving forward isn’t easy.

Chuck understands what it’s like. After walking away from a successful business that conflicted with his own personal ethics Chuck Goetschel lost everything; his marriage, his income and even the ability to adopt a dog from an animal shelter (you’ll read about it in the book)! However, he focused on making his tragedy, his turning point. And, you can too!

The process he used to regain his success within the framework of his own God Given Life Purpose and that he has shared with thousands of clients and audience members across the country is available to you through the lesson in Simon Says–Living Your Life Purpose …And Not Just Following the Crowd.

Stop letting others tell you what you should do with your life… Simon Says was a fun game to play when we were children; but now that you are an adult there’s a better way to decide what to do and how to live your life. Start living the life you choose Right NOW!


Through the easy-to-read, story-telling style of book,
you’ll find yourself laughing, crying, and being filled with new hope!

    Give you confidence in life with the guidance of a Personal Mission Statement.
    Give you personal peace as you clearly understand your life’s purpose.
    Help you to adjust some inner beliefs to set you up for life success.
    Free you from your past, from others, and even from yourself.
    Clarify your current life balance and what to do about it.
    Provide you with a powerful 5-step process to establish and achieve new goals.
    Give you a healthy focus for your future.
    Put you on a track that you were designed to live.
    Put excitement and energy back into your life!
    Give you a new outlook on life!
    And so much more…


Simon Says Book

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Your Future Destination (Video)

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Personal Mission Statement – Be amazed as Chuck walks 15,000 people through the exercise of creating a personal mission statement – follow along and complete one too!

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Terry Allison, President, Strategic Internet Marketing Results

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Imagine waking up each morning with enthusiasm… experiencing another day living on purpose rather than simply by accident; another day using your gifts and pursuing your passions!

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Chuck has mentored hundreds of people and spoken around the globe to filled stadiums about business, leadership, personal growth, personal peace,and a purposeful life.

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Learn the secrets that thousands now know – live your life purpose today.

Learn from the PAST, Live in the NOW & Dream of the FUTURE!” –Chuck Goetschel